Sales and Marketing Strategies – Twitter as a Weapon

I was reviewing some old files and links of mine and came across this gem from just over 1 year ago.  This features an interview between Robert Scoble and Guy Kawasaki for Fastcompany.TV. The interview covers many topics from Kawasaki’s new book (at the time), to Steve Jobs as a boss and the tipping point for Alltop.  What got my attention was the comment “Twitter is my marketing weapon.”  In a years time, it was interesting to reflect back on my own use of Twitter.

Twitter has been good to me over the past year. I’ve connected with people in ways I could not have without this communication vehicle.  During a conference in Chicago almost one year ago, I used Twitter to create an open invitation to dinner one night.  I was pleased to have a small group of folks Tweet me back and help arrange a dinner for us that night. There were 27,000 conference attendees that week and I connected with five of them, whom I did not know before-hand, before the conference ever started.  I was really happy to have made these connections in the healthcare industry as well as put Twitter to such effective, real-time use. I’ve made many friends and business contacts via Twitter over the past year. I can honestly say it has been the biggest addition to my communication process.

I’m inviting you listen to the video and consider what new ways you or your organization could you be leveraging Twitter, in your business.

If you’re still drawing a blank of ideas for usage of Twitter, here are a few simple ideas to consider for 2010:

  • Provide real-time pre-sales support to potential clients via twitter enabling many other potential clients to see responses to questions they may also have.
  • Locate and engage potential new clients by becoming a contributor to the hashtags/topics they most likely interested in.
  • Promote internal corporate communication through twitter from employees to HR, IT, management, or executives.
  • Create a unique polling platform for town-halls or training events through tweet-chats.
  • Provide valuable post-sales support to clients via Twitter.  This enables them to retweet your information to their network, thus creating unsolicited search-able tweets…great publicity and great goodwill.

There are many others.  If you take a few minutes and really brainstorm the possibilities, you’ll find at least one reason worth you taking the leap.  TWEET ON!

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